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Tips to Prepare Your Child for Success in School!

Home is where the heart is...and where health and wellness begins!

School is back in session for majority of my fellow east coasters! As we head to the grocery store, figure out what is on the school supply list, and break out the new sneaks; it is certainly important to brainstorm ideas to create a nurturing, healthy environment in the home. These ideas can then carry over into the educational environment as well; allowing for your child to demonstrate his/her full potential this school year!

As Dr. Jenn has stated, health and wellness begins with the food we put into our bodies and the establishment of a nutritious diet at a young age. A daily routine at home and in school can allow for a healthy mind and body, improve focus, and allow for easier transition from summer vacation to the school year.

Recommended example routines to establish with school-aged children (Pre-K to 12th grade):

1.Morning Routine- This includes a set wake up time for school and eating a well-balanced breakfast (or preparing a healthy breakfast to grab and go).

2. After School Routine- A set time and place to complete homework away from the TV and electronic devices (desk, dining room table, or kitchen table), a healthy after school snack option (fruit, vegetables, almonds).

3.Evening Routine: A nutritious dinner with vegetables, bathing, and packing the child’s lunch for the next day (Dr. Jenn mentioned great healthy options for school lunches in previous article), establishment of a defined bed time WITHOUT a visual stimulus; such as an iPad, phone, or TV at least 30 minutes or longer before bedtime. It is also a great idea to have the next day’s outfit ready to go and visible to the child.

*It is also recommended to include all school-aged children in the food preparation process. For example, having the child help pack their lunch and/or choose which fruit they would like to pack for their lunch on a specific day. The ability to incorporate children’s decision making into all routines allows for the child to feel a sense of confidence and independence.

The example routines list above are to create a structured environment for your child in an effort to allow for success and wellness in all life areas; especially at school. Harsh artificial sugars, video games, and lack of routine in the home can certainly negatively impact every day function and overall academic success. With that being said; health and wellness…you guessed it...starts at home!

It is with great pleasure and honor to contribute to Dr. Jenn’s health and wellness articles through M2 Chiropractic. As a school-based Speech-Language Pathologist, advocate for all things children and health/wellness, healthcare leader, and recipient of the Staff Tribute Award in 2015 through the National Education Association; it has become my life long goal to educate and lead children, families, and healthcare providers with information through personal experience and evidence-based findings throughout my studies.

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