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Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

Nutrition is the most important component in preparing our children for success in school and life. What we feed our children will depict their success in and out of the classroom! Fuel your child for success this school year and keep their immune system strong and healthy!!

(P.S. Make sure you put as much Organic and/or Non-GMO items into your child’s lunch box as possible! :) We will talk about this topic later )

Here are a few ideas to jumpstart your child’s immune system and feed their minds this school year:

  • Fresh Fruit- This is a must! Packed with vitamins and minerals, fruit is always a good “go to” and with so many varieties you are bound to find several your child will enjoy!

  • Veggies- Carrots and broccoli with organic ranch dressing (or whatever veggies your child enjoys!)

  • Salad- Fresh lettuce (avoid iceberg) topped with fresh veggies! Organic dressing on side! A quick homemade balsamic vinaigrette, lemon/olive oil blend, or organic dressing of your choice! (If you’re thinking “yeah right!”, just try! My kindergartner screens her lunchbox every morning and salad always warrants a big smile!! Your child may learn to love them, too!)

  • Peanut butter and jelly in glassware with a side of organic, gluten-free crackers to dip! This is fun for the kiddos and a good way to “switch it up” from the normal/boring gluten ridden pb&j sandwich!

  • Non- dairy Yogurt- Depending on what time your child has lunch- yogurt is always a favorite snack in our house! We do non-dairy of course! (Why non-dairy?? This topic to come!!) Coconut, almond, and goat milk yogurt are all fantastic! Cashew milk yogurt is super delish, too!! Throw an ice pack in the lunch box to keep it chilled for lunch.

  • Apple sauce- No matter how old you are, apple sauce is always a good and nutritious filler!

The list goes on and on! Be creative and fuel your child's developing brain and body with the absolute best nourishment!!

<3 and Health,

Dr. Jenn

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